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Can Cheap Wedding Photographers Provide The Same Quality Shots As Higher Priced Photographers?

Many cheap wedding photographers want to try their hand at weddings since they're not just "paying gigs" but are also very creative and exciting. They need the practice so they can keep their prices much lower than experienced professionals. Most of these photographers are still good at taking photos, but just haven't got the experience of weddings.

The photo below was taken by a cheap wedding photograper. Would this be good enough for your wedding album?

Picture Of Bride And Groom Kissing On The Beach With The Sun Shining On Them

No two weddings are alike and no two brides are alike either. Weddings all typically have a particular tone or theme or feeling to them; some are very casual beach affairs with everyone in the wedding party barefoot, whereas others are very elegant and formal and take place in old cathedrals and prestigious country clubs, and then of course most weddings fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

But it's interesting how even the most experienced of photographers can have difficulty with wedding photography. So why do they charge so much? As fun and interesting and exciting as weddings are, there's just something about them that makes them more difficult than just about any other photography assignment or work a person may get into.

Why Is Wedding Photography More Difficult?

The truth about weddings is that they usually incorporate two extremes in photography, namely, portraits and action shots.

Brides and grooms and the entire wedding party and family often pose for portraits even before the wedding day or have some posed shots scheduled after the ceremony or at another time during the day. These posed shots are typically in a controlled situation or environment with everyone stopping what they're doing, standing where they're told, smiling when they're told to do so, etc.

But action shots and candids are also a big part of wedding photography. When a bride and groom are cutting the cake they may pause for a moment and smile for the camera, but typically they go about this action without any thought as to where the photographer even is located.

When they dance, eat, socialize with friends and relatives, or do anything else during the reception they're typically not going to pose for the photographer. Grabbing these shots as they happen is going to be the responsibility of the photographer alone and will require a lot of skill to be sure they're captured correctly. Even with today's advanced digital cameras that freeze action shots it's still very possible for pictures of subjects that are moving to come out blurry, unfocused, or with some other unique problem.

Being a cheap wedding photographer means being skilled at both posed shots and action shots as well while keeping the price low, something that some photographers neglect to understand. They can take really good portraits or posed shots but ignore the skills needed to get those action shots.

Of course, this also means that the photographer that is skilled at capturing those candid poses is the one that's going to be in most demand as far as wedding photography is concerned!

Digital Wedding Secrets For Cheap Wedding Photographers

Digital Wedding Secrets is great for photographers who are new to weddings and offering their services for lower prices. It covers candid shots in great depth. It has a devoted section with example shots and techniques. It also shows you how to prepare yourself for taking those candid shots.

Remember, one great photograph can make all the difference to your portfolio and can take you from being a cheap wedding photographer to earning more money from a bigger list of clients.

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