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Digital Photography Success
by Amy Renfrey

Digital Photography Success is brought to you by Amy Renfrey. The e-book packages she has written are excellent starting points for beginner and intermediate photographers.

I have been working with Amy for a while now and have never had anyone complain about her e-books or even ask for a refund. She is a really good communicator. I own this product and many other photography related eBooks so I have plenty of content to compare. These e-packages are by far the best available online. You really are paying for high quality material.

Amy is a professional photographer from Queensland, Australia. She is also a photography tutor and writes easy-to-understand educational books about digital photography.

She has produced two superb digital photography e-packages called the ‘Super’ package and the ‘Blockbuster’ package.

So why are these packages so good?

Well, the first benefit is, when you purchase one of Amy’s packages, there is absolutely no risk involved to you. She guarantees that these packages will improve and increase your skills in digital photography or your money back. No quibble!

She even says herself, if she can’t help you improve your photography to a level where you are absolutely delighted, she does not want to keep your money.

The second great benefit is the service Amy includes with her ebook packages. She offers unlimited help with your photography and support when you need it. She is always available and contactable by email. You won’t get that sort of offer from Amazon! It’s like having your own personal tutor to help you when you get stuck.

So what are these great packages?

Digital Photography Success SUPER Package ($97US)

  • Digital Photography Success E-book
  • Advanced Digital Photography E-book
  • Digital Photography Presentation
  • Digital Photography In Abstract
  • Five Most Popular Scenarios In Digital Photography
  • Exposure charts

Digital Photography Success BLOCKBUSTER Package
($97US plus monthly magazine subscription of $15US)

  • The complete ‘Super’ package
  • Powerful Landscape Photography E-book
  • Digital Photography Techniques E-book
  • Subscription to "Focus" Ezine
  • This Month's Focus Ezine, which includes 43min of video
  • 5 back Issues Focus Ezine, which includes 2hrs of video
Click here to order. You can also find out a bit more about the packages and even contact Amy as well through this link. (Opens in a new window)

What does each e-book contain?

Digital Photography Success

This e-book starts by teaching you how to get started with digital photography and how digital cameras work. It then moves on to creating a beautiful composition and using the perfect lighting.

When you’ve mastered that, you then learn about using color or black & white effectively when taking your pictures. You learn about choosing the right lenses and the best digital camera to buy.

You also learn how to capture great night-time, nature, landscape and portrait shots.

Advanced Digital Photography

This 120 page e-book takes a more in-depth look at digital photography once you have mastered the basics. In this e-book you’ll learn:
  • Understanding How To Read Light
  • Shutter Speed Explained
  • Combining Shutter Speed & Aperture To Get The Best Exposure
  • How ISO Works
  • Digital Photography File Formats
  • What Lens You Really Need
  • External Light Meters
  • Tools You Can Use To Improve Exposure

Digital Photography Presentation

This is a 25-page booklet showing you how to present your pictures. It covers topics such as:
  • Transfer images from your camera to your computer
  • Types of Digital Camera Memory and Readers
  • When transferring images to your computer things to be aware of
  • Image editing Software
  • Free image editing software
  • The truth about JPEG
  • Creative editing
  • Presenting your masterpieces to the world

Digital Photography In Abstract

This 22-page booklet teaches you the more creative side to digital photography. It contains lessons about:
  • Why experiment with digital photography
  • Things you can do- the weird stuff
  • Using glass
  • Extreme, extreme close ups
  • Sections of extreme close ups
  • Contrasting subjects of extreme close ups
  • Looking at light
  • Looking at colour
  • Looking at shape
  • Looking at texture and surface
  • Black and white working with unusual lighting
  • Working time lapsed light
  • Solarising effect
  • Reversed negative shots

Five Most Popular Scenarios In Digital Photography

In this booklet, Amy goes into detail and shares with you her experience when it comes to shooting five of the most popular types of photography.
  • Wedding Photography
  • How To Take Clear Photos Of The Moon
  • Astrophotography
  • Macro Photography
  • Portrait Photography

Exposure charts

This is a small 14-page booklet specializing in exposure control. You can find out about:
  • The EV chart
  • Relating exposure Values to Light Values
  • Relating ISO to EV & LV
  • Using The Charts
  • Many Combinations
  • What happens When you Use A Different ISO
  • Light Value (LV) Charts
  • Exposure Value (EV) Charts
All the superb e-books above for only $97US. Remember, you can have a no quibble refund if you don’t like the package and also unlimited support and help from Amy.

Click here to order. You can also find out a bit more about the packages and even contact Amy as well through this link.

Powerful Landscape Photography

This e-book contains 81 pages of pure landscape photography tips and techniques which include:
  • Creating Beautiful Landscapes
  • The importance of Compostion
  • The perfect lighting
  • Working with color
  • Using the right lenses
  • Shooting Black & White Landscapes

Digital Photography Techniques

This is a no-nonsense 26-page e-guide to digital photography techniques. It includes:
  • Canon Versus Nikon
  • Some Photoshop Fun Some Photoshop Fun
  • What Lenses To Use For Landscape Photography
  • Capturing Moving Water In Photographs
  • Catch A Falling Star…Night Sky Photography
  • World’s Most Expensive Photographs
  • The Art Of Photographing Women
  • What Is High Dynamic Range?
  • How Light Works On A Digital Camera Sensor
  • Knowing Your Digital Camera
  • Lenses And Macro Photography
  • Lenses, Lighting And Portrait Photography
  • Mastering Shutter Speed In Low Light Situations
  • Photographing Flowers
  • Photography In Australia
  • When, And When Not, To Use Flash Photography
  • Avoiding Underexposure In Winter Photography
  • How Tripods Help You Get Better Landscape Photos
  • Fast Vs Slow Shutter Speeds
  • Cameras, Photography And Travel
  • Creating Your Own In Home Portrait Studio
  • Indoor Wedding Photography
  • Landscape Photography At Dawn And Dusk
  • What You Need To Take Classy Black & White Photos
All the above e-books and 6 issues of ‘Focus’ Ezine for only $97US + $15US per month magazine subscription. Remember, you can have a no quibble refund if you don’t like the package and also unlimited support and help from Amy.

Click here to order. You can also find out a bit more about the packages and even contact Amy as well through this link.

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