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Creating Romantic Poses

Taking romantic poses as a photographer teaches you to notice people in a different light.

The way in which their bodies speak with different gestures and personal characteristics can help you create the perfect photo. Couples also supply a unique language to focus on when posing them romantically.

It takes practice to be able to seek and capture certain characteristics of your subjects in providing them with the perfect photograph that they will treasure many years from now.

Let your senses take over when interviewing a couple that wants a picture taken of a particular type of pose and decide ahead of time how to bring out that twinkle and feeling of love.

Romantic portraits are not hard to capture when the atmosphere is built for love.

Lower lighting is effective not only in setting the mood but also in bringing out a warm glowing photo that targets on the subjects as they react naturally.

Soft music can also aid in providing the right atmosphere and to help your subjects loosen up. Helping them to totally forget that you are even in the room is what you are hoping to gain.

Props are easy to find in preparation for shooting a photo session. Outside areas where shimmering water, sun setting skies or landscapes with trees are examples of how you can make interesting backgrounds with soft lighting work in your favor.

If the outdoors is not an option due to inclement weather, a crackling fire or small fountain indoors can create a nice backdrop. You do not want total darkness but the imitation of dusk when all is quiet and peaceful.

Once you have the proper lighting, know your subjects' qualities and place the couple in an approximate position. Excuse yourself and leave the couple alone.

Let them relax and the posing should form naturally, then reenter the room and begin shooting. You will find that this will help you catch spontaneous features of affection more readily than forced positioning. Using this practice can catch simple gestures such as the touch of an arm or the hint of a smile.

Romantic poses do not have to be limited to couples in love. You may have a subject with a favorite pet or Mother and child that can also possess a loving nature that needs to be captured on film for later memories.

We remember certain occasions but many times forget the feeling associated with these times. Lighting, mood and natural movements are three areas of importance in romantic photography that do not happen with straight, stare at the camera poses.

Having romantic pictures taken with a special person is meant to be a once in a lifetime feeling to be remembered and treasured and having a lasting photo will bring back these emotions if the right photographer has the right feel for the job.

Go out on the street, visit areas where couples frequent and learn the signs of romantic poses that will work for a great shot then practice being spontaneous with your camera. You will find your photographs for much more appealing with a quality that is not seen in many photographers.

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