Blowing Kisses

Blowing Kisses

by Elizabeth Skillings
(Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

Blowing Kisses

Blowing Kisses

This was taken in August of this year, 2011. I was experimenting with taseful poses as I am new to this type of photography and this was my end result. My best friend was a remarkable model..what do you think?

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Sep 26, 2011
Composition And Lighting
by: Mark McKnight

Your friend is doing a good job in the photo, but it is up to you, the photographer, to really do her beauty justice.

When you are taking these type of shots, the lighting has to be right. Softer lighting accents the tones in your model's skin.

Also in this particular shot, I would use a shallow depth of field. The main subject is your friend and the background is distracting the viewer from seeing her body shape.

Try bringing her around toward the camera a little bit so we can see more of her curves.

While still being tasteful you could create a great photo focusing on her face and using a shallow depth of field to add some blur to her bodily curves in the background as they flow out from behind her head.

Here's some info you may find useful:

Female Body In Photography

Sensual Portrait Photography

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