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What Makes The Female Body In Photography So Alluring?

Female body in photography warning: Some people may find the images on this page offensive.

The female body is one of the most alluring and sensual subjects to shoot. The curvy female form is just beautiful.

Whether the shot is wide and pulled back so most or all of the body is revealed, or the shot is tight so that all that is visible are the gentle curves and seductive shadows, there is an inexplicable draw.

The female body in photography has long been an area of fascination for photographers. In glamour photography, the female form is portrayed in a more commercial light. It may be draped in fabric or clothed in haute couture; it may be nude.

Regardless of the presentation, the tone is glamorous but the emphasis is on the model. The female body in glamour photography is used more as a prop or frame. The model's face is the focal point.

Female In Bikini Lying On The Grass
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By contrast, artistic or sensual photography of the female form lends itself to more of a focus on the form itself.

In fact, the model's face may not even be visible. In these types of shots, the female body can be used as more of a canvas, or as the primary subject of the shot itself.

Body paints may be used, fabric draping or the body may be nude, also known as "artistic nude."

While the gentle slope of the hip or breast are popular choices, other areas that can create sensual curves and shadows, sultry lines, are the thigh, arch of the foot, nape of the neck and even the shoulder or bicep.

The female body in photography has so many curvatures and shadows that the possibilities are almost limitless.

Tight shots of particular regions of the body are very popular and can lend a very sensual air to the shot.

Female Body On A Couch In The Shape Of A Cello
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Color is often used in photography of the female form, but sepia and black and white bring a certain drama and sensuality to the shot.

Sepia gives the shot an antique look and feel. It is often used for vintage themes. Black and white offers the opportunity for dramatic shadows and subtle highlighted areas.

However, it is the drama that can be derived from removing the color from a shot that makes it so appealing to this type of photography.

Because, much like candlelight, black and white photography is very flattering to just about any form.

Another appealing aspect of the female form in photography is the versatility. Photographing the female form is not confined to just one body type.

Beautiful Female Lying On The Rocks In The Sunshine
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In fact, there are times when a fuller female figure is preferred. The fuller figure lends a more rounded shape and sensual curves that are more extraordinary because they are softly rounded as opposed to the harsh jutting of a hip bone.

Creative lighting is another appealing aspect of photographing the female form.

The photographer basically has a wide range of light settings from which to choose. Some shots may be highlighted with a direct flash while other shots involve a bounced flash or something softer and more alluring.

The main thing to remember when photographing the female body is to have fun. Experiment, play around with the lighting, camera angles and posing.

Take some wide shots and some tight shots. Regardless of what part of the body you shoot, be it the leg or hand or anywhere in between, using the various settings, different styles of lighting and alternating between wide and tight shots there should be some awesome shots as a result.

Beautiful Female Body In Photography
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Some Fine Images Of The Female Form

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