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Would You Like To Become A Photography Guest Writer?

Become a photography guest writer for Digital Photography
There are many advantages to being a photography guest writer for Digital Photography Tricks.

This is a growing website and articles published here get into the search engines quickly and stay there.

You will get your own space on each article you write to place your bio information and a link to your own website or blog.

A link from one site to another of the same theme carries extra credibility with the search engines and you should notice increased visitors to your own website each day.

This is a good example from a recent guest writer, Paul Timpa, who wrote an article about The Benefits of using Manual Mode on your DSLR. Could you produce something as good as this?

More Reasons To Guest Post

  • You want to promote yourself and your business to a greater photography audience
  • Sharing your passion and knowledge of photography with others makes you feel good and you enjoy helping people improve their skills
  • You want to boost visitors and traffic to your Flickr, Facebook or Twitter pages or even your own blog or website
  • You just got a new camera or other piece of photography equipment or software that you want to tell people about

Getting Started As A Photography Guest Writer

  • We are looking for articles on anything to do with photography. ie Portraits, Adobe Photoshop, Wedding tips, etc.
  • Your article should be at least 300 words long with at least one photograph or screenshot
  • We will give you a couple of lines at the end of your article to add a link to your blog or website and some information about yourself.
  • Most Important - Articles must be totally original and not posted anywhere else. They must pass a copyscape test to be accepted
  • They must be able to be published on this website indefinitely

How To Send Us Your Article?

Contact us initially through our Contact page and tell us what you plan to write about. We will then give you our email address to send your article and photos to. This is to stop our email accounts being spammed by malicious spambots.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Mark McKnight

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