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Would You Love To Know How To Master Digital Photography And Take Better Photos?

"What is Digital Photography?" is a question that I get asked all the time. This website will teach you everything about it, quickly and easily!

Evening Landscape Photography Of The Taj Mahal, India At Sunset
Taj Mahal At Sunset

Do you know the difference between white balance and exposure? Shutter speed and ISO speed? The best aperture to use for the perfect portrait shot?

Are you frustrated, like I was, that digital photographs are not turning out the way you’d like them to?

Don't despair!

I'm building this website because I want to share with you my knowledge and experience in digital photography.

I want to show you how to quickly get the best from your digital camera so you can start taking great pictures today. Soon you'll be taking top-class photos like the landscape shot above!

By surfing through my website, I can try to help you understand aspects of photography such as composition, depth of field, metering, shutter speed, creative name but a few.

Now you can make the right choices for your pictures and take full control of your camera.

In addition to these basic skills, I want to share with you a host of photography techniques that will allow you to create striking landscapes, portraits that stand-out, close-up shots of your favourite objects and also how to take top-notch poses of your children and pets.

If you are an intermediate photographer, who already knows the basics and wants to learn how to think like a photograper and use your camera more creatively, then I recommend getting the Blockbuster package from Amy which includes her monthly magazine.

Make A Career From Photography

Some photographers are happy learning their hobby as they go along. Others want to become professional and earn their living from photography.

The easiest and quickest way to acheive this is by enrolling in a photography school or course. The internet has many online photography schools (read my review of Proud Photography) to choose from. Some are better than others so it pays to do a little research.

Why not start a course today with one of the best photography schools online? If you want to gain a degree and graduate with a fantastic portfolio to impress your new clients, then enrol in one of the photography schools. Whatever path or career you choose to follow, they have a course that will suit you.

That's how David Coote's got started and he is now one of the top Northern Ireland wedding photographers.

If you're past the stage of learning about your profession, then I can helpyou with that as well. If you're based in the UK, visit Total-Jobs for career advice and photography jobs vacancies. Also it's a good idea to be able to drive if you want to be a photographer. I learned through this Belfast Driving School.

Well, if that isn’t enough to get you fired up, I’ve put together a selection photography tips, techniques, tutorials, camera reviews and some accessories and gadgets that you might need when you are out-and-about with your camera.

Must have items that include camera bags, spare memory cards, extra batteries, filters, a tripod and last, but not least, your lenses.

If you want to master digital photography, learn the tricks and take your pictures to the next level, then this is the best place to start!

** Top Photography Tip **

If your eyes don't focus as well as they used to, it's time to get some concentric bifocal contact lenses. They're ideal for photographers. You don't need to keep putting your glasses on and off as you switch from looking through the viewfinder to reading the LCD menu. Find a good pair of contact lenses and ditch your eyeglasses for good.

Do you like sports photography? I have found some good sports photos of people exercising with Bowflex Selecttech 552 dumbbells that you could model your next Gym-style photo-shoot on.

Table Of Contents

Digital Photography Tips, Tricks, Camera Techniques and Tutorials For Amateur Photographers
Digital photography tips, tutorials, tricks and advice for beginners and amateurs in a helpful guide with lots of hints and ideas about camera techniques and learning the basics.
Inspirational Photography Techniques And Tips For Weddings, Portraits and More
Discover this inspirational list of Photography Techniques, Ideas and Tips for taking Weddings, Portraits, Landscapes, Sports, Infrared, Night and Macro photographs.
Photography Poses: Ideas And Tips For Easier Subject Posing
Learn to pose Men, Women and Children using easy to follow posing techniques. Uncover five photography poses that will have you creating superb pictures of your subject.
HDR Photography – High Dynamic Range Images, Techniques Explained & Software Required
HDR photography or high dynamic range photography uses three different exposures of the same scene to create a picture using a digital camera that is closer to what the human eye actually sees.
Digital Photography Tutorial Videos, Basics, Principles & Techniques
Digital photography tutorial videos are the best way to learn new techniques and tips from digital photography experts. If a picture speaks 1000 words, then a video must speak 100,000!
Online Photography Schools, Courses, Lessons, Qualifications & Training
Discover how top online photography schools can teach you quickly and easily to create stunning photographs. Earn your photography qualifications by following the best lessons and training courses.
Top Photography Schools, Colleges, Workshops & Online Courses
Photography schools, colleges and courses listed by location, both online and offline. Find out more about enrolling in a top photography school or college now.
Canon Digital Cameras - EOS SLR Systems and PowerShot Range
Canon digital cameras come in a varied range to suit everyone. For professionals and keen amateurs, try the EOS DSLR range. For easy to use, point and shoot cameras there is the PowerShot range.
Fuji Digital Cameras: Reviews of the Best Fujifilm Cameras
Fuji digital cameras are amongst the most popular and stylish of brands. They produce a range of quality cameras for professional and personal use.
Kodak Digital Cameras: Better Photos With The EasyShare Camera Reviews
Kodak digital cameras offer slick and stylish point and shoot compact cameras. The Kodak EasyShare range are easy to use as well as powerful and convenient. Enjoy our reviews.
Nikon Digital Cameras - High Performance DSLR and Coolpix Compact Series
Nikon digital cameras combine incredible images with the latest technology in their DSLR range and the Nikon Coolpix compact series offers a lighweight, easy to use point-and-shoot camera.
Sony Digital Cameras - CyberShot Compact, NEX & DSLR's
Learn more about Sony digital cameras. They have a fantastic range of Cybershot compact digital cameras as well as some top of the range DSLR cameras and the new NEX range.
Panasonic Digital Cameras And The Technology Behind Them
The majority of Panasonic digital cameras selling today are very compact, lightweight models that come in a wide variety of colors.
Consumer Digital Camera Reviews, Best, New, SLR, Compact
Discover the best consumer digital camera reviews online. All brands are reviewed including Canon, Nikon and Sony. SLR and Compact camera reviews written by readers of Digital Photography Tricks.
Female Photography, Figure, Form, Body, Intimate Glamour, Lingerie, Sensual
Female photography is one of the most popular forms of photography. What makes female photography so appealing? Is it the sensual female figure or form? Why is it used so much in Lingerie advertising?
Digital Camera Buying Guide, Top Tips, Best Buys, Advice and Help
Our digital camera buying guide aims to help you overcome some of the confusion associated with buying digital cameras. Gain useful advice and tips for finding the best rated digital camera.
Digital Photography Books - Reviews Of My Favorite Photography Ebooks
I hope you enjoy this list of digital photography books that I have read and reviewed in order to help make the important decision on whether or not to part with your hard earned money and buy a copy.
Digital Photography Tricks - Contact Us
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or anything else that is relative to Digital Photography, then please get in touch. Use this form to Contact us.
Digital Photography Help, Advice, Tips & Learning - Your Questions And Answers
Do you need some digital photography help but are too embarrassed to ask? Whether you are learning digital photography or wanting to know which digital camera to buy, we can help!
Share Your Digital Photography Pictures And Stories
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