What Do You Know About Scott Kelby?

What Do You Know About Scott Kelby?

by Mark McKnight
(Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Not much? Well let me quickly tell you he is a best selling photography author and photographer. I must admit I didn't know much about him until I stumbled across this webinar he put together about composition.

I can also tell you now that he is a very funny guy and a great presenter.

Scott doesn't follow traditional composition techniques such as the rule of thirds and leading lines. No way, well maybe just a little bit! He's re-invented composition for the 21st century.

Over and above the five basic rules of composition he's changing the way we compose our shots so they aren't average and teaching his methods to other photographers across the world.

I found this interesting story by Tiffany M at http://www.picturecorrect.com/tips/approaches-to-composition-photography-with-best-selling-author-scott-kelby/ and that's where you can see the master in action on the full 1 hour webinar.

So, if you want to know how Scott gets himself prepared for a photo shoot, then you should watch this webinar. It's free and you will learn something. There's no better coach to take you from composing your shot through to a finished photo ready for your client.

I'm giving this story a big thumbs up! I feel like I've now got to know one of the best photographers in the world and found a new mentor.

Please leave me a comment in the box below and share what you think of the webinar and whether you would like Scott Kelby to be your new coach and mentor.

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Jul 05, 2012
Learning From Scott
by: Mark Watson

Hi all, My wife bought me a bridge camera for Christmas one year and although I read the manual I still wanted more from it. Scott's book on Digital Photography opened my eyes to simple ideas and a lot of common sense.

He now has 4 books in this series and I'd recommend them to anyone as he talks to you as a mate going out on a shoot with you.

Practical advice lots of good info and a "How I got this shot" type of writing. You can see why he's No 1 and a great guy too.

I progressed from the bridge to my first DSLR the Nikon D90 and I still read to learn more.

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