Samsung S760 With 7.2Mp, Face Detection & IS

Samsung S760 With 7.2Mp, Face Detection & IS

by Sumazla
(Erode, Tamil Nadu, India)

I purchased my digital camera two years back at Saudi Arabia, when I went on a pilgrimage. The price of my camera was $125. This Samsung digital camera, model number S760, has face detection and image stabilization facilities.

It can be adjusted to take photos up to 7.2 mega pixels with a zoom of 6.3-18.9 mm. A battery charger, a 4GB pen drive and a 2GB san disk memory card are the free gifts along with this camera, but since the shop ran out of stock of the battery charger, they gave me a camera pouch instead.

It has various options like distance mood, auto option, scene mode, and tutorial mode. On the second day of my purchase, I was faced with a small problem. The zoom lens would come out once I switched on the camera and should go in on switching it off. But it failed to go in and remained outside.

I was sad and approached the shop where I bought this camera. They replaced it with a fresh piece. I asked them, what I should do, if I face with any problem after I reached my country. They said that I can approach any Samsung service center to get my problem solved as it carries a warranty of twelve months.

Now, two years have lapsed and it is functioning trouble free. Only problem is, it cannot be charged directly and the battery has to be changed quite frequently. This camera is good for indoor shots. But for this, this is very handy to capture all those golden memories, which I would have missed otherwise.

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