Samsung L200 - Built In Face Detection

Samsung L200 - Built In Face Detection

by Aimee Pickett

I own a Sumsung L200 digital camera with face detection and digital image stabilization features. This camera has zoom and 10.2 mega pixels. For me, this camera is good enough, but if I had the money I would definitely buy a different one.

There are several different settings on the camera that I have not been able to figure out, even after owning this camera for a little more than a year and using it at least every other day.

I just stick with the auto setting on the camera because the other choices on the turn wheel on top of the camera do not work very well for me, due to the fact that I can not adjust the settings right.

I have read the Sumsung L200 manual several times and have searched for different ways to use the settings online, and still can not get the pictures to turn out right when using these settings.

When the camera is in auto setting, it does take pretty good photos, but you have to be very careful or the photo will turn out blurry. It takes a few seconds for the camera to focus in on the object or person so that the photo is not blurry or distorted, so a lot of times I have missed opportunity photos, such as someone jumping into the pool.

The flash has a setting where you can set how long it takes for the flash to operate, and I have it set to the lowest which is 2 seconds, but it seems like it takes a lot longer for the flash to work, so that is a disappointment.

I find that this camera works best outdoors in the daytime when the flash does not have to be used, and as long as it is not an action shot.

I bought the Sumsung L200 digital camera from a Walmart store in March of 2009 and have gotten a lot of use out of it, but as soon as possible I am investing in a different camera and I will do my homework first on different brands, so that I can get one that I will be more happy with.

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