Polaroid i531: Short Battery Life And Poor Video Quality

Polaroid i531: Short Battery Life And Poor Video Quality

by Chelsea
(Erie, PA)

For anyone who is familiar with the Polaroid i531, they know that it is a fairly cheap, but durable camera. I bought this camera about five years ago, and it's still lasted me until today, and I use it quite often.

The downsides to this camera are the battery life and the quality of video that it takes. It runs on two AA batteries that last for about 50 shots if you're lucky, and the video quality is utterly terrible.

I try to take videos every now and again for my youtube channel, and unless I'm in bright sunlight, they aren't even worth uploading.

However, for the price (under $100 in it's hayday, and now found in places for under $50) it was one of the cheapest cameras with a name that I trusted.

The Polaroid i531 pictures are excellent with the flash, and without, in the right light, they also turn out quite beautiful. It comes with the regular options of black and white, sepia, etc, as well as bright light and night time settings.

Also, it's a cute white camera with an interchangeable stripe down the left side, perfect for a girl who's more fashion sensed than tech-savvy.

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