Olympus µ 820

Olympus µ 820

by Heidi Laakso
(Vääksy, Finland)

I bought the Olympus µ 820 digital camera in 2007. I bought it at the Sokos department store in Tampere, Finland. I still use the camera today. It is a basic digital camera that is well suited for landscape photos and photographing people.

It functions well both indoors and outdoors, outdoors it is easier to use. It has its limits and is a bit out of date now, but still suitable for my needs. It is easy to use, although the menu is a bit complicated at first glance.

The USB connection to the computer is excellent and the software associated to the camera functions quite smoothly. The battery needs to be recharged rather frequently; this has been my main difficulty with the camera. Also, recharging the battery takes some time.

There have been no actual problems with the flashon the Olympus µ 820, but its settings are kind of complicated. It took me a while to learn how to use the flash properly and disable it when it wasn’t needed.

The camera has many special functions that I’ve never needed. The user manual has been very helpful. I prefer Olympus to other brands of cameras and I think I will be using this camera for many years to come.

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