My Photos Are Getting Blurred With Nikon CoolPix L110

My Photos Are Getting Blurred With Nikon CoolPix L110

by Amit
(Jaipur, India)

I have done all the 5 settings for a steady image but still , when in room I am taking photos in night there is huge blurring happening.

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Blurry pictures indoors
by: Anonymous

I've had my Nikon CoolPix for years and have never had a problem with it. Indoor pictures, outdoor pictures, daytime, nighttime, they all looked great. Recently, even with the flash, indoor pictures have become blurry. Outdoor pictures are fine but indoor or evening pictures are disappointing. I was wondering, since I haven't had any problems to this previously, if it could be the age of the camera?

still blurry
by: Anonymous

I was taking photos outside in the daytime and it still took blurry photos. I have more good photos that are out of focus using this camera than I can count, and yes, I have held the release the 1/2 second and tried different settings. It does not work. This is the last Nikon I will ever buy.

Sooo upset
by: Anonymous

Absolutely a horrible camera. Have tried changing settings, have tried using flash/no flash. Consistantly blurred images from camera. So discouraged.....Gonna go back to my Sony. Sorry NIKON

by: Anonymous

Use the flash and the photos are yellow. Don't use the flash and the photos are blurry.

Worst camera I have ever owned over the past forty years.

Do not purchase unless you want to carry a tripod around on your back!

Natural Light Pics
by: Piyush

I know that when shooting at night to use flash and the blurriness will be removed but if I want natural night light pictures, what do I do???

by: Anonymous

If I click a picture without flash it gets blur, it doesnt matter where am i & how much the light is.

Coolpix L110 - Blurred pics
by: mmk

Thanks Mark Mcknight, your advice worked. Am starting up with this camera..a lot to learn I guess. Thanks much appreciate the inputs.

Blurred Picture
by: Mark McKnight

When you are taking a photo indoors, in low light or at night with that camera, you will need to use the flash.

Because the widest aperture is f3.5, you won't get a fast enough shutter speed in low light to stop the blur.

You could try moving the ISO to 800 if you can, but I suggest using the flash. It should stop the blurred images.

Have you tried any of these techniques?

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