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If you want to learn digital photography, there is no better place to start. Dan Feildman, author of the best selling "Your Guide To Digital Photography", teaches you everything you need to know in one practical and easy-to-follow guide.

He starts by giving you a complimentary report that introduces you to digital photography from the very beginning.

His expert tips start with choosing a camera and lead on to understanding your camera’s settings. He then explains a little bit about basic photography skills and finishes by telling you what makes a good photo. To get the complimentary report, Shoot Digital Pics Like the Pros, Click Here*

Let me introduce you to
"Your Guide To Digital Photography"

This best selling digital photography manual, follows on after the complimentary report and shows you lots of different tips and techniques for capturing the perfect shot on any occasion.

You will learn how to get the best pictures of birthday parties, weddings, holidays, sporting name it, he covers it.

Here is just a taster of what you will learn:
  • Being ready to capture an important moment
  • Know which lenses to use
  • Determine which camera to buy
  • Take amazing night-time shots
  • Learn how to take pictures of your favourite animals and pets
  • Get to grips with the basics, such as white balance, shutter-release, red-eye reduction, etc...
  • Share your pictures online
  • Printing your pictures

Does this sound good to you?
Well, there is more!

Just for ordering ‘your guide to digital photography’, Dan is throwing in a selection of complimentary bonuses.

These include:
  • Picasa Tutorials. Find, Organise and Share Your Photos
  • A video to help you make your digital camera buying decisions
  • Your Top Digital Photography Questions
  • An Experiment in Photography
  • Secrets of Night Photography
To get your free report "Shoot Digital Pics Like the Pros" and learn more about "Your Guide To Digital Photography", including how to get it, all you have to do is Click Here*

Just type in your name and email address and the report will be sent to you immediately.

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