Kodak EZ-Share 8.3 Megapixel

Kodak EZ-Share 8.3 Megapixel

by Rico

I would say it was about 2 Christmases ago when my wife saw it. She had been talking about getting one for a few seasons now and we had the money. I hadn't really spent a lot of time doing any shopping around for digital cameras nor did I know the availability of anything uber awesome. This is where a good wife comes in because she had indeed looked and found a gem.

She found the Kodak 8.3 mega pixel EZ-Share digital camera. We saw it first on kodak.com then on e-bay for much cheaper. So we did a few comparisons first and found it finally on bestbuy.com for $35 less than any where else.

I didn't use it very much at first. But then I went to see Martin Lawrence in concert. I had good seats but when I zoomed in just a little bit the pictures were great, and I was even able to get good pictures with the full zoom also.

The flash was bright and helped lite up the comedians faces, the facial recognition is helpful for this. I am not sure about the memory that came with it but we can get about 1200 pictures before I offload. And the quality is very nice and makes editing the pictures easy.

I think the easy share option is kinda hokey though, since it has a usb to upload to your PC that comes free.

Another perk of this camera I really enjoy and use is when you take a picture, it stays on the mini screen until you tell it to go back to live view. This is the best when everyone wants to see the picture just taken. There are a lot of cameras out there but I really like this one. I used to have a 5MP camera and this is definitely an upgrade.

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