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The Kodak EasyShare Z740 Digital Camera Has A Good Grip And Is Easy To Use

The Kodak EasyShare Z740 digital camera is attractive to many people because of its exterior design. It is small, cute and easy to hold but it is still packed with many great features that allow all users to take professional quality pictures. This is not a camera that a professional photographer would choose to work with, but it is the kind of camera everyone should have on hand to grab the best moments of their life.

EasyShare Z740 Features

The design of the EasyShare Z740 Kodak camera is very simple and easy to hold. It has a small edge perfect for getting a good grip and then the lens with 10X zoom beside it. This is a very small camera, but this means it is lightweight and easy to carry around wherever your life may take you. This makes it perfect for vacations and day trips when you want to pack light.

Of course, there is one potential downfall to such a compact design: the smaller sized 1.8" LCD screen. This screen is large enough to see the images you are snapping, but it won't show as much detail as a larger sized screen would. This is an easy thing to accept if you need something compact and light.

The great thing about the Kodak EasyShare Z740 digital camera is that it can be used by professionals with tons of photography knowledge and everyday users alike. All settings can be manually controlled and there are many features that allow for a wider range of creativity and fun.

Yet, the camera also offers many different automatic settings for different situations and life experiences. This makes it fast and simple to get the camera set up and start clicking. This is great when you need to snap a picture at a moment's notice as well as for those who don't know how to set the camera up manually.

There is even an autofocus that keeps the camera focused where it should be, even in dimmer light. This is another great feature for amateurs and everyday users. Pictures can be printed up to a size 13X17 inches with great clarity and detail.

This camera also has some added features that are very convenient, such as the Favorites file where you can save your best shots so they can be shared quickly later on.

Besides shooting photos, the Z740 EasyShare camera will shoot videos so you could even create your own movies! 2xAA batteries and a memory card needed.

Consumer Experiences Of The EasyShare Z740

So, what do consumers who already own the Kodak EasyShare Z740 have to say? Luckily, there are a lot of really great things being said about this camera. Users like that it is so easy to use on the auto setting yet can be controlled manually in all aspects as well. There are some consumers who like that it is so easy to use while others enjoy playing with the manual settings as they know more about photography.

This is clearly a camera that anyone can use, regardless of photography knowledge or experience!

Many digital camera reviews compare the Z740 EasyShare with cameras from other brands selling within the same price range and most say the EasyShare is by far the better machine. It is easier to use and takes clear, crisp pictures which are difficult to get from many other cameras.

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