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Kodak EasyShare Z730 Digital Camera Review

The Kodak EasyShare Z730 is one digital camera that has lasted through the ages. Manufacturers are revising their various lineups of point-and-shoot digital cameras every year and in general, the models keep improving in terms of features and usability.

Modern cameras these days are very easy to use and are capable of taking some high quality pictures that even look good on basic printer paper.

They are also outfitted with some social networking features for easy blogging and sharing. Usually, newer models put the older ones in the archives but that does not mean that the older models should be ignored. Remember that the prices of these cameras go down and there were some Kodak digital cameras that were introduced several years ago and received positive feedback during those times.

Kodak EasyShare Z730 Digital Camera
Kodak EasyShare Z730 Digital Camera
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Main Z730 Specifications

The Kodak EasyShare Z730 entered the market during an age where high-definition technologies were mainstream around the world.

But this 5-megapixel compact shooter should not be underestimated because it still allows some good creativity thanks to its Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 4x optical zoom lens.

Taking photos in maximum resolution still allows large prints of up to 13 x 17 inches which is still decent in today's standards. It is backed up with Kodak's very own color science chip that makes sure every captured photo has vibrant color regardless of the lighting condition.

The back side of the camera features a 2.2-inch high-resolution display that is clearly visible both indoors and outdoors.

Those that have never used digital cameras can quickly take snapshots from the screen instead of the viewfinder or review any existing photos stored in the MMC or SD card.

Features Of The EasyShare Z730

The Kodak EasyShare Z730 performs exceptionally in low-light situations thanks to the precision auto-focus. Even taking high-speed subjects looks well, but you might get some better results by utilizing the advanced manual and custom controls where you can set the shutter and aperture priorities or go for the full manual mode.

Shooting options are flexible as it allows continuous shooting so the right moment is captured with added support using automatic exposure bracketing.

Additional creativity is attainable through any of the 16 scenes that are preprogrammed into the device. Five color modes are available to suit different moods as well.

Regardless of the selected mode, the Kodak EasyShare Z730 is a quick performer taking around 0.2 seconds to capture a photo the moment the shutter is pressed. One of the unique features it has is the auto rotation sensor which automatically rotates the picture upright depending on how the camera is being held.

There are several flash modes to choose from in this model including red-eye, fill, wide, and the convenient auto setting.

The li-Ion rechargeable battery charges quickly and gives enough power for people to use the main features including the flash. The on-camera share button also makes it simple to transfer photos to a computer or use a printer that is compatible with the EasyShare Printer Dock.

What Other Consumers Think

Many customers who purchased their digital camera through like the overall quality of the images that the Z730 takes. They witnessed no signs of foreign articles or discolorations in many photos that they take.

They also praised it for its portability weighing just 7 ounces and small enough to fit inside a cargo pocket.

Overall, people like the camera for its price, but some professionals may feel left out because of the lack of macro features and spot-metering making it a camera for avid amateurs.

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