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Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera Review

The Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera is made for just about anyone that wants to take a clear, crisp picture without the fuss of studying photography.

Ready to go when you are and easy to share right away with friends makes this lightweight 0.3 pound camera storable in a purse or jacket.

Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera Silver
Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera Silver
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One of the great features of the EasyShare C182 is Kodak's Smart Capture technology that literally takes the guesswork out of the perfect print. You won't have to worry about shaky hands or having a group of people standing perfectly still. The Smart Capture feature zooms in on your subject and automatically adjusts the focus for amazing detail without blur or shadows.

The EasyShare feature lets you capture that hilarious moment and quickly share it with others by the touch of a button.

Email, Facebook, YouTube or your Kodak gallery awaits your response as to where you wish to send your new picture. Multiple scenes and colors are available to add that extra pizzazz to your photo.

The features of advanced video will help you create HD videos with audio capture and on-camera editing. Make a slide show and view it on your HDTV or store in your library for the perfect show with your friends and family.

A 3-inch display and 12MP resolution let you know exactly how your photo will look. The 3X optical zoom helps to get up and close.

The Smart Capture has a built in face tracker that is trained to look for a face and zoom in, adjusting and editing for crispness like you have never seen.

What Do Other People Think Of The C182

All types of people are turning to the Kodak C182 for amazing results. Here are a few of the comments from recent consumers on

Customer 1- The picture quality and the ease of use was quite a surprise. Spreading out the picture on my monitor without getting pixilation was also nice. I am not a real camera buff but just like to point and shoot. This camera fits the bill perfect.

Customer 2- This is an excellent camera! The casing has a nice finish and the picture quality was great. The Smartphoto technology finds a face and adjusts to the lighting just right. I can put this camera in my purse without using too much space and the price was perfect. This is definitely the best camera that I have ever had and recommend it to anyone.

Customer 3- The Kodak EasyShare C182 was a gift for my 9-year old grandson. He was always borrowing my cheap one and took such great pictures that I wanted to see what he could do with a really good camera. I was not disappointed. He liked the wide screen on the back and had all of the modes down pat in no time. Now I'm the one stealing his camera. Am going to purchase one for myself.

Customer 4- The Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera makes an excellent gift for both younger and older recipients, experienced or inexperienced picture takers. Easy to carry and easy to use, you won't want to be without it when that special moment comes along.

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