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Share Your Pictures With The Kodak EasyShare C180 Digital Camera With Facial Detection & Blur Reduction

Introducing the Kodak EasyShare C180. Kodak digital cameras have been an amazing part of our lives for over one hundred years.

Photos are priceless and having those special ones with you at all times has been a standard for just about as long.

Free up your wallets and purses by using the EasyShare C180 that will edit, organize and share exciting moments from a 6 inch camera that downloads or sends your favorite scenes in moments.

Kodak EasyShare C180 Digital Camera Red
Kodak EasyShare C180 Digital Camera Red
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The Kodak EasyShare C180 Digital Camera is part of the Kodak Easy Share System that allows you to upload any photo by pressing the share button on the back of your camera.

Pictures and videos can be sent to YouTube, Facebook or emailed to a friend as soon as they are taken.

The slideshow feature will let you create your own special presentation with hundreds of templates and designs. Create personal Christmas cards or album pages that were once difficult and time consuming.

Editing tools are packaged in your Kodak C180 camera that will reduce red-eye, remove blemishes, improve lighting and place your own caption for an added personal touch.

Backgrounds in multiple scene modes that include portrait, fireworks, sports and backlight along with three-color modes help to generate the perfect highlights.

The C180 is ready to go with you right out of the box with Kodak Alkaline AA batteries, wrist strap and USB cable packaged so there are no extra items to purchase before you can start taking dynamic pictures.

The amazing quality of your prints starts with the 10.2 megapixels that create prints up to 30 x 40 inches, allowing you to crop when necessary and still have a great view.

The 35mm equivalent AF 3x optical aspheric zoom lens will get up close and be able to capture crisp details of your subject. HD pictures can be transferred to an HDTV or other HD devices to share in 16:9 formats.

Kodak offers the Perfect Touch technology that distinguishes the Kodak C180 from other brands with a brighter, better picture and the camera's technical ability to automatically clear up shadows and dark spots.

You will never get fuzzy features or reflections that block out the perfect moment. The days of indoor/outdoor film selection are gone with the great technology of Kodak. Just point and shoot and let the camera do the rest.

Reviews of the Kodak Easyshare C180 mention the ease and amount of advanced features that fit the average point-and shoot user. Many cameras are intimidating with so many features that you have to be a trained photographer to use.

Other reviews find the C180 a perfect gift for parents that are not accustomed to digital cameras and just want to be able to take a simple picture. A first-time camera for a child can create a passion for beauty and the Kodak C180 digital camera lets them feel like a professional from the very beginning. This small Kodak camera makes a great gift for anyone.

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