Insignia NS-DSC10 Pink

Insignia NS-DSC10 Pink

by Ethel Craig

I had an Insignia NS-DSC10 (Pink) digital camera. The camera is good for indoor and outdoor pics, and the picture is clear when uploaded onto a Wii or the computer.

It was a nice pink color and had video features, zoom, stickers, and you could even change the color that the picture was taken in. The camera worked very well on batteries (2xAA).

Thought this camera had great features, it stoppped working after a few months. Even when loaded with lithium batteries the camera did not come on, the green light blinks and it makes noise. I was not able to get it working again, and bought another camera for around the same price, but it lacks the features and quality of the Insignia NS-DSC10 camera.

I bought my Insignia digital camera from a seller on Ebay, and was not able to get my money back, as I lost the warranty. I would reccommend an Insignia NS-DSC10 camera for great pictures and quality, however, I would make sure that I bought it from a reputable store like Best Buy and that I kept track of the warranty.

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