I Fully Recommend Kodak Digital Cameras And I Have A Kodak 433

I Fully Recommend Kodak Digital Cameras And I Have A Kodak 433

by Ben

My Kodak 433 digital camera has been the best and hardest working camera I have ever owned. It is out dated now but when we bought it in 2007 it was all we could afford and with the impending birth of our first child we needed to upgrade from the world of film.

Purchased at Walmart on sale we thought that the camera would just hold us over until we could upgrade to a nicer digital camera. Sporting a 4 megapixel camera with limited zoom and basic features we quickly came to love this camera and all it had to offer from video to sport and panoramic shots and just the quality of the photos simply amazed us.

Now the problem became the worry of wearing it out. In the 1st year alone we took well over 8 gigs of pictures, yes I was hooked and documented everything.

The camera held up and earned many battle scars along the way but nothing any of our friends or family had could compete with our little Kodak.

It worked great for outdoors and most indoor shots but had trouble with distance and addictiveness. We loved the product so much that it influenced our next camera choice of the same line, the Kodak 810, 8 megapixel camera with rechargeable battery. But the trusty Kodak 433 is never far from reach and is carried with the camcorder and newer Kodak 810 so just in case the other two fail, old reliable is always with us and still just as good.

Would recommend this product and its line to anyone looking for an easy to use and durable camera that oozes quality. Camera comes with Kodak easy share cable and software to make ease of storing printing and overall management of your media. They may never make a camera like the Kodak 433 ever again, but they should.

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