HP CA350

HP CA350

by Shawn Button

As part of a bundle deal I got the HP CA350 digital camera along with an all in one printer, scanner and copier all for £65 about 1 year ago. I am still using both products to this day.

Although I am not one for taking many photos and when I do I often resort to using my mobile phone as I dont carry the camera round with me often, the camera itself has been a great help when needed. The only serious use I have had from the camera has been for research projects at univeristy.

Seeing that I am not one for knowing the difference between all the different brands of camera, I would say this camera is definitly good for it's money, but compared to other digital cameras that are above the £100 price range, I would have to guess and say it would be no good.

Good points for the camera would be the style and lay out of the buttons. The black and silver works well and the buttons are easy to use especially when going through the menu screen on the camera.

Bad points would be the menu itself, bad choice of colour and poorly laid out makes it harder to use, poor choice of grammer and it becomes very easy to start changing settings you dont want to.

Capturing memories and aiding with research is all I have ever needed a camer for and if you are the same then I would recommend this camera.

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