Getting confidence in yourself

Getting confidence in yourself

by Jerome

I am an engineering student in India and I always wanted to be a photographer, but am not confident,so I was not able to take photography as my career. And during my collage days I tried to collect more details about photography and new digital camera and meet some experts then I finally come up with a decision to join a short term course based on photography.

As first step for I rented digital camera from my friend and I went to malls, parks, beaches, etc but I couldn't find better photo from there. Then took photo of my friend and published it in facebook from there I get good response. Now am confident that one day will become famous photographer!!

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Mar 12, 2011
Good Lighting
by: Mark McKnight

You are right Jerome. Photography is all about confidence and that confidence comes from practising your hobby. The more you take pictures and experiment with photography, the better you will become. Also the more you read and learn about using your camera, the better you will become.

My recommendation to you is to keep taking pictures and if you are not happy with them, try to find out what you're doing wrong and learn from your mistakes. The more practise you get, the better you will become and who knows, someday you could become a professional photographer.

I like the picture that you took above of you and your friend. It is well lit and the composition is pretty good. I would have left a little bit more room at the top of the frame so the head isn't cropped.

Also something to remember about portrait photography is that the subject or subjects are the most important part of the shot. Don't let backgrounds become a distraction to the viewer. Try to think about where you are positioning your subjects in a photo.

You can find some good portrait tips and ideas on this website. A good place to start is: Portrait Poses

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