General Imaging GE Digital Camera

General Imaging GE Digital Camera

by SummerDae

I have been the owner of my GE digital Camera from General Imaging for almost 4 years now. My husband bought it for me on my birthday in 2006, and it was the best gift I could have ever received.

I love taking pictures, and I had wanted one for awhile. It's from General Imaging, GE and has 7.0 mega pixel. I have been told, it has lasted along time, but I do take good care of it.

Key to electronics, keep it out of the weather, and keep it clean and covered when not in use. It takes great pictures. Nature pictures with this camera are my favorite. I took pictures of Mauna Kea, and Mauna Loa on the Big island of Hawaii, that were breath taking.

Pictures of nature at her finest, like flowers, and ferns, this camera just seems to capture the beauty in it's entirety. I have found that I can also take perfect portrait like shots.

I have captured some shots of my Children, that I have had blown up and framed in my Home. Everyone point's them out and ask's where I had them done. I have even managed to make a little bit of money capturing beautiful images of other people's children.

I only have had one problem with my camera, and it is usually when I am behind glass, in a moving vehicle. The image's often get blurred and looks cool, but you can't make out anything. It's weird, because it does not always do it. Some of the time, I am able to capture the image, and when it does, the picture's quality is still really good.

Sometimes if I try to capture something that's very far away, the image gets blurred, but other than that, this Camera, is a terrific one. My husband actually purchased my Camera at our Costco store here in our area.

We had looked together for one on-line, but he was not happy with the thought of buying something he could not look at and even test out. He said the guy at the camera place was really helpful, and seemed to know what he was talking about.

He spent 25 minutes with him, showing him the perks of this particular camera. He even put a memory card in and let him test it out. My husband was impressed with the camera, and bought this one without shopping around. I'm happy that he did. I still think, this is probably the best gift I have ever received.

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