GE "E" series

GE "E" series

by Elodie Gumbs
(United States)

The reason I wanted to get a digital camera was because I'd been using a CVS digital one-time use camera whenever I wanted to take photos. Even if I waited until the camera went on sale, buying one each time was going to get very expensive.

To make a long story short, one week I noticed that the local Walgreen's had one on sale. I particularly liked the feature that would correct "red-eye" but still thought that Walgreen's price was a bit much. I found the exact same camera--brand new--at Amazon. Even with the shipping added in I got the kind of camera I wanted.

I use museum mode to take photos of a small craft that I make. I was delighted by the fact that not only were the fabric colors accurately reproduced but, some cases, the texture as well.

That really pleased me because that's an unexpected feature that might make a sale.

All of the available features make the camera, to me, well worth the price. Extra equipment include: a charger, a USB cable to upload pictures to your computer, wrist strap, A/V cable and CD-ROM.

By the way, that CVS camera? I was disappointed by a couple of the pictures of my craft item came out (blurry). I'd say that was the biggest reason I started researching digital camera.

The camera has features I may never or rarely use but it's really nice to have them. I'd recommend this camera to anyone who's thinking of getting a digital camera. In fact, after I got it I went to GE's home page to register it and tell them how pleased I was with it.

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