Epson PhotoPC 700 Digital Camera

Epson PhotoPC 700 Digital Camera

by David Ford
(Houma, La. USA)

I have my Epson Photo Pc 700 Digital Camera, and to begin with this far the best digital camera I have ever owned. It has auto focus and auto flash and takes the best photos I have ever producced with any camera I have ever owned.

As for indoor pictures I find that they come out real good without having to make any different adjustments to. And as for outdoor pictures I find the quality of the pictures taken are excelent.

I bring my Epson PhotoPC 700 with me just about everywheres I go. I love taking pictures with my camera a lot. It is hard for me to imagine doing without my camera. Especialy when me and my family goes to the beach or on vacation we have our camera.

In september we went to Walt Disney World in Florida. So you can imagine that we had to bring 10, 16 Mb new media flash cards with us. We took a couple thousand pictures and 98% were excellent. This camera is so simple and self explanatory to use that even a monkey can operate it.

I'll tell you one good thing about it, even if you're a little shaky the pictures still come out excellent, not like with some other cameras when you move a little the picture is all out of focus. As for sending pictures to my computer with the usb card that was provided when purchasing the camera this was very simple.

Epson has a web site that allowed me to download all of the software and drivers that I needed to do this with "For Free". And I also send them to my printer after viewing which photos I want to print. Everything is almost instantly done and excellent quality.

So if you have any doubts about what sort of camera you would like to purchase, I would seriously advise you to look into getting an "Epson PhotoPc700" because as for close and sort of far pictures you would not believe the quality. I am a very satisfied Epson Digital camera owner

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