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Digital Photography Secrets E-book Review

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Digital Photography Secrets by David Peterson is an e-book aimed at beginners, keen amateurs and intermediate photographers and promises to reveal tips only the pros know about taking stunning photos easily.

I would like to start this e-book review by pointing out that I received a copy of this book/ebook for review purposes. I didn’t purchase a copy myself.

I requested the e-book version from David in order to help readers of Digital Photography make an informed decision about whether or not to buy the book themselves.

Digital Photography Secrets Ebook Cover
Digital Photography Secrets is available as a printed version or e-book (pdf) version. They are both the same price to purchase, but postage is charged on the printed version.

I don’t believe that there are any secrets in digital photography that the professionals are keeping to themselves.

The 'Digital Photography Secrets' sales page makes it sound like there is some sort of professional photographer’s guild or union and they have a list of secrets that only they know about.

Apart from that, this book is a great resource for anyone wishing to learn the basics of photography.

This website, Digital Photography, is also full of professional tips and advice and you can even share your own with other readers or ask questions.

Is This A High Quality Book That's Easy To Read?

This photography e-book is of a good standard of quality. It is well presented and laid out using the PDF format. Each page is well illustrated with colorful pictures and the text is of a good size and font, which makes it easily readable both online and offline.

I personally would have preferred to see larger pictures illustrating each page as this is a photography e-book. But, the photos that are being used however, do a good job of explaining the techniques that the author is trying to teach.

There is good use of before and after pictures to really get the technical points across. Here is an example of this on page 32 where David Peterson describes ‘Exposure Value’.

Example Of Exposure Values Written By David Peterson

David’s writing style throughout this e-book makes it very readable. His tone is conversational and relaxed and when you’re reading the text, it’s like having someone standing beside you explaining each process.

He also explains the technical terms of photography very well, such as JPEG for example.

"JPEG or JPG is the most popular format used in digital cameras today because it’s a simple and versatile format, and is supported by all image related software. JPEG works by compressing the image to a much smaller size at the expense of some image quality."

And, there’s two pictures as well to show you the difference in image quality caused by JPEG compression.

What Topics Are Covered In ‘Digital Photography Secrets’?

The Contents Page For Digital Photography Secrets E-book

As you can see, this e-book has 120 pages of concise, straight-to-the-point useful advice and content dedicated to digital photography.

It’s a great starting point for anyone interested in digital photography and will help them to turn their ‘OK’ photos into ‘Brilliant’ photos.

With this learning guide, you can use any sort of camera and mostly keep it on ‘auto’. The e-book teaches you the basics of composition and lighting and also the best way to capture any situation you may need to photograph. These are the fundamentals of photography.

If you are a more experienced amateur, who has completed some photography courses and who likes to change the settings on your DSLR, then Digital Photography Secrets isn’t really for you. You may pickup some new ideas or tips, but most of the topics will not be new to you.

For a beginner, however, who has just got their first camera or keen amateur who wants to revise the fundamentals of digital photography, this e-book will definitely help you.

You will understand your camera more and your pictures will improve 100%.

Let’s use the example of wedding photography. This is an area of photography that everyone is going to experience at some time in their lives.

One of your friends or family is getting married and you want to get some good shots of the bid day to show off to your friends. Take a look, in the screenshot below, at how David explains how to get ideas for wedding shots and what to watch out for at this type of event.

This is just an excerpt of one of the many situations in the e-book that you will find yourself wanting to photograph.

An excerpt of the wedding section of Digital Photography Secrets

Digital Photography Secrets

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