Digital Concepts 5.1

Digital Concepts 5.1

by Callie
(Houston, TX)

My first digital camera was a Digital Concepts 5.1. I bought the camera five years ago when I first started selling on Ebay, and, every camera that I have had since has not lived up to that little camera. It was very inexpensive, less than $100, and I bought it because I had never used a digital camera before that one. I was trying to start an Ebay business with very little money.

The best part about the camera was that the pictures were very, very good with only a little effort on my part. Sometimes I had clients tell me that the item that I shipped to them, was not the same item in the picture I posted on Ebay. I only sold used items, but the pictures were so good that the buyers thought I was selling new items, even though my description would say they were used items.

There was no Auto focus but the 4 X zoom was great, and transferring the pictures from the camera to the computer was very easy.
The worst part about the camera was that it was not good for taking indoor shots because it did not have a flash. All the pictures came out too dark. I had to take all my pictures outside on the porch, or set up a lot of lighting inside.

I took over 15000 pictures with the camera over the course of six months and every one of them was perfect. My only regret with that camera is that I didn’t take any personal shots of my family or my surrounding. I only used it for business.

A few years ago I loaned it out to a ‘friend’ who trashed it. He kept the SD card, lost the batteries, and misplaced the data cord. I still have the camera.

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