Creating a Portfolio?

Creating a Portfolio?

by Celeste

I have recently done an Estate Photo Shoot. The images I had to take were of paintings from the 17th Century to be sent to an Auction House in England.

In the midst of creating the portfolio to be sent there I was asked to create a portfolio for a local camera shop, who has asked to send me on Weddings.

What I would like to know is should I create a portfolio that includes all the weddings, and portraits, and landscapes I have, or create two different ones: one with weddings and portraits and another with landscapes.

Thanks in Advance, Celeste

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Building A Portfolio
by: Mark McKnight

Hi Celeste,

I have started to put my own portfolio together. It includes only my best work.

I'm sure every photographer has their own way of doing things, but if I were you, I would put everything into the one portfolio.

There are some good software packages available that allow you to display you pictures and even sell them straight from your website.

You would use your own name to brand it. i.e.

You build your reputation through your name and people will search for your work that way.

Hope this helps!

P.S. I would be interested in hearing what other photographers are doing as well. Someone may have an even better idea. How do you display your portfolio?

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