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The Best Digital Camera Is The One You Have With You!

Images taken with a digital camera are stored onto a memory card, unlike the traditional conventional camera where the image is captured onto film instead and then taken to be developed.

This explains why digital cameras are popular nowadays: they offer ease and convenience by allowing you to instantly view your photos. As memory cards are reusable and can be recorded over an unlimited number of times, people no longer have to buy and store lots of film.

So digital photography is not only more convenient and easier to use, it is virtually free after you invest in the right equipment.

What camera to go for?

The mistake many people make when buying their first digital camera is that they often end up with something that is beyond their needs.

So before you even consider shopping, ask yourself some of the following key questions: What is your budget and what do you need the camera for?

What kind of photos will you be taking (portraits, macro, sports or landscapes), and how experienced are you?

Will you mostly stay in auto mode or are you keen on learning on the art of photography?

Being equipped with the answers to these questions will put you in a much stronger position when you start shopping.

Megapixels...mega confusing

One of the key features used to market digital cameras is how many megapixels they have. While this was important many years ago when most cameras on were at the lower end of the range available today, most of the digital ones on offer today have at least 5 megapixels, which is more than adequate.

Megapixels are only important if you intend to print your shots and cannot afford to compromise on the quality of the image you wish to ‘blow up’ in size. Otherwise, if you only plan on taking normal sized photos, then 4 megapixels is fine for your needs.

See what everyone else is saying

As with most of your purchases nowadays, go online. There is no better way to do your research than on the internet.

Visit a photography enthusiasts’ forum and see what they recommend. Register on the site and post some questions to ask for advice. You might be inundated with contrasting replies and many opinions, but it won’t be long before you notice which ones are the recommended models and brands.

Go compact and stay mobile

The best thing about digital cameras is that many are now added features that come built-in with mobile phones, giving you more freedom to take quality photos of your family and friends, and to easily document and capture your everyday life.

This helps you to avoid having to carry cumbersome and heavy equipment, allowing you to achieve the same results all from your mobile phone.

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