Blurred photos.

Blurred photos.

by Melody Juarez
(Boerne, Texas)

I have a Cannon 7D and it has been a real challenge to perfect. My first Canon DSLR was a Rebel XTI and then I upgraded, BOY DID I. I have a lot of problems with blur and no matter what I do or read I can't seem to correct the problem.

So when I shoot a wedding for example, I shoot a ton of pictures because I am afraid I will not get enough clear shots. I did buy another Canon Rebel T3, I think is the name and it is fun and less stressful, BUT the blur is still present in some of the pictures.

I usually shoot with a 28-135mm lens with the 7D and a 18-55mm lens with the T3. I have shot film photos for years and the digital seems harder.

I did learn a lot on the long lens vs the short lens from Mark Wallace and I am going to use that for prom pictures. Thanks. Any help on the above problem will be highly appreciated. Mel

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