Best DSLR within 30k

Best DSLR within 30k

by Manoj

Hi all, I was shooting with my Sony Cybershot (P&S) earlier but now I'm getting into serious photography. So as a beginner which DSLR should I go for with in a range of not more than 30K. I thought of Nikon D60?

Whats ur take....? Plz reply.

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30K? What is your budget in $US
by: Mark McKnight

I'm not sure how much value 30k is, but I suspect it to be around $500-600.

Anyhow, I think a good entry level DSLR for amateur photographers is the Canon 450d. It has live-view as well as a good quality image sensor.

I would also advise you to get an extra lens with the camera. You normally get a kit lens of 18-55mm with the camera body. I would also get something like a 70-200mm as well.

Hope this helps!

P.s. Of course the Nikon D60 is a great camera as well. Like most photographers, you are either a Nikon person or a Canon one.

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