11 Tips For Creating Stock Photos That Sell

11 Tips For Creating Stock Photos That Sell

by Mark McKnight
(Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Have you ever tried to sell your own photos to stock agencies? I did some research recently on the subject and discovered it's harder than you think to make any money from selling stock photography.

In fact, unless your photos are of a certain quality, composition and particular style, it's hard to sell your photos for any sort of decent income through a stock agency.

What does it take to produce a photo that you can sell?

During my research I found some tips from Tom Bol on that very subject, creating photos that sell. Tom is a freelance editorial and commercial photographer and writes for Digital Photography Magazine.

He doesn't just give you tips for selling stock photos, his advice will help you sell your photography through any outlet including art shows and agencies.

These tips will be especially useful for part-time pros or amateur photographers who want to start earning money from their best shots. Some of the tips for creating photos that sell include: Be technically perfect, Keep it simple and Create something unique.

I especially agree with the latter statement, “Create something unique.” If you want to sell your photos for profit, you need to stand out. Average doesn't cut it! You have to show your audience something they haven't seen before. When you do, you will make some money for sure.

Read about photos that sell here:


Have you ever tried to sell your own photos? How did you get on? What have you learned that you'd like to share?

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