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Dear Friend,

Welcome to Digital Photography Tricks and our new magazine, Digital Compact Photography.

My name is Mark McKnight and I've been interested in Photography ever since I was old enough to hold a camera. Over the years I've gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience in Digital Photography.

As you'll soon find out every aspect of this magazine is professionally written and put together in an easy-to-understand layout. This is not some kind of home produced high school magazine or amateur type newsletter.

That's because it's been designed using publishing industry standard software and layouts and nearly every picture, including the cover shot, was taken using a compact camera to show you just how easy it is to take great photos with a point and shoot camera.

Most of the readers of Digital Photography Tricks use a compact digital camera, so I have too. This is a real world magazine for real world amateur and beginner photographers.

As you will see as soon as you open it, the magazine flows smoothly from the front cover to the very last page, with a balanced range of tutorials, techniques and informative articles that are packed full of content.

Digital Compact Magazine Cover

You've got to agree that the cover of this magazine, when you place it side by side with any off the shelf photography magazine looks every bit as professional, slick and eye catching.

It looks fantastic because we extensively researched the article layouts and overall appearance to ensure the magazine was being presented in a professional, high impact way.

Every aspect of this high quality magazine has been devoted to attention to detail and as soon as you read an article or one of the tutorials in the magazine you are going to be amazed at the quality and content.

What Can You Expect On The Inside?

Inside Digital Compact Magazine

Each tutorial starts off with a brief explanation of where to find the tool/technique and how it works, complete with screen shots for extra clarity making it really easy to follow and understand.

There is also a demonstration of how the control or technique affects the image, before moving on to the actual step-by-step illustrated tutorial, which shows how to progress from the before picture to the final result.

There are magnifications of small controls or detail enhancement so you can get the best possible overview of the lesson, together with brightly colored graphic details which highlight important segments.

Each issue contains several main articles, a photoshop technique and photographic technique as well as compositional advice and an explanation of a compact camera control.

What's In This Exciting First Issue?

Inside you'll discover...
  • Page 2 - CHECKLIST: Make sure you have everything you need, in full working order, for your perfect vacation pictures.

  • Page 4 - PANNING: Put impact into your shots with this great technique. (2 pages, fully illustrated with custom created graphics and photographs)

  • Page 6 - PICTURE PERFECT CHILDREN: How to take great natural photographs of your children with ease and fun. (3 pages, fully illustrated with custom created photographs and inspirational ideas)

  • Page 9 - TIPS & TRICKS: Handy, useful tips from a professional photographer for things to add to your compact camera bag and ways to improve your photography.

  • Page 11 - ARE YOU LEVEL HEADED?: Photoshop Tutorial on how to make a quick exposure adjustment to a photograph. (2 pages, fully illustrated with custom created graphics, screen-shots and photographs)

  • Page 12 - BURST MODE: Tutorial on using a compact camera feature which helps you time those tricky 'perfect moment' shots to prefection. (1 page tutorial, fully illustrated with custom created photographs, step-by-step visual guide and project ideas)

  • Page 13 - FRAMING: An introduction to an important part of photography composition, how to frame and place objects for the perfect photograph. (1 page, fully illustrated with custom created photographs and tutorials)

  • Page 14 - SAFEGUARDING YOUR IMAGES: The importance of backing up and protecting your most precious memories for the future. (2 pages of quality, informative content with illustration, step-by-step guide and storage alternatives)

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Every month you will receive a brand new issue as professional and informative as this one in a .PDF format straight to your email inbox.

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