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DPT Magazine - Shooting Waterfalls
June 01, 2009

Welcome to this edition of the Digital Photography Tricks Newsletter. The website is growing at a steady pace, with seven more pages added this month. We really need your help to make it bigger and better. Over the next few months, a camera review section is being added and we want your opinions of your digital cameras. Watch this space!

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What’s Happening In This Issue

I am going to explain to you exactly how to photograph waterfalls. Some people like the silky look from waterfalls and some prefer to freeze the action, with droplets of water hanging in mid-air. I will tell how to achieve both these effects and how to make sure you get the perfect shot.

Send me your top tips, your favourite pictures and as much feedback as possible to help improve and make this site the greatest photography website on the internet.

What’s new this month at Digital Photography Tricks?
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5 Easy Ways To Master Your DSLR
  • Tip 2 – Shooting Waterfalls.
Essential Piece Of Kit

Opteka Wireless Radio Remote Release for Canon

Photo Of The Month

Beautiful Irina by Jed

Lets Get Started


Canon Digital Cameras - Buy The Cheapest And Best
Before you buy new, used or refurbished Canon digital cameras, make sure you read our Canon digital camera reviews. We help you purchase the cheapest and best.

Canon Digital Camera Reviews
Share your Canon digital camera reviews. What are your experiences with Canon Digital Cameras? This page allows YOU to share your reviews, opinions and experiences of Canon Digital Cameras.

Having a break
I took this photo when I was on holiday in India. I was walking around the Red Fort when I saw the two women.

Rusty Old Bolt
This picture was taken on an old wooden bridge near where I live in London. It shows a rusty bolt on the handrail as it overlooks the canal.

Digital Sports Photography - Capture Part Of The Action
Discover digital sports photography and learn how to capture the fast moving action at any sports event. Sports photography requires a higher level of skill and is a tricky photographic discipline.

Online Digital Photo Printing - Cheap And Professional
Find out about online digital photo printing and who offers the cheapest and best digital photo print service. Leave printing digital photos to the professionals!

Digital Night Photography - Cityscapes And Traffic Trails
Take a trip outdoors when the Sun goes down for some superb digital night photography. Do not miss out on stunning pictures full of blazing colour just because it gets dark outside.

Digital Infrared Photography - The World Of Invisible Light
See the world in a whole new light with digital infrared photography. Most DSLR cameras only require an IR filter to be screwed onto the lens to achieve these amazing results.

Some Turns Are Good!
We were on our way to Himachal Pradesh (DEVEBHUMI) for a college excursion.


Tip 2 – Shooting Waterfalls

I am fortunate enough to live near two very nice waterfalls. My favourite type of waterfall shot is making the water look silky as it flows over the rocks. This type of shot is quite easy to achieve if you have the equipment with you and good lighting.

The best type of weather to shoot a waterfall is a bright cloudy day. The cloud diffuses and softens the light while keeping it bright enough to get a good picture.

For this shot I used a tripod, Canon 400d, Sigma 18-200mm lens and a hotshoe spirit level. The first thing I did was setup the tripod with my camera attached and composed the shot. When I was happy with the shot and making sure it was level, I started to adjust my camera settings.

If you want the water to be silky, which is the way I prefer it, you use a shutter speed of 1/4 second. If you want to freeze the action more, then you need to move up toward 1/80 second. Keep shortening the shutter speed until you get your desired effect.

The best way to shoot waterfalls is to use the shutter priority mode on the camera. Set your shutter speed to 1/4 second. If the lighting is right, your aperture should be around f18. Make sure the ISO is set to 100 and the white balance is set for cloudy. I also shoot in RAW at highest quality.

When I took this shot, I used the self-timer with mirror lock-up enabled. I wanted to keep any camera shake to a minimum. The last thing I did when I took the picture was to adjust the exposure compensation 1 stop either side of my initial shot. This is called bracketing and gave me the choice to have a darker or brighter image to work with, if my initial exposure was wrong.

Next month learn about ‘Blurring Backgrounds’

Essential Piece Of Kit

If you like taking macro or close-up shots, then you need to get your hands on the Opteka Wireless Radio Remote Release for Canon. Although this remote shutter release is for Canon cameras, you can buy them for any make of digital camera.

These remote controls allow you operate your shutter release button from a distance and without touching the camera. This really helps to reduce camera shake.

If you have a photograph that you are particularly proud of and you want to share it with the rest of our readers, then why not post it at YOUR Pictures. Don’t forget to tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to take the shot.

You can also comment on other pictures that people have shared and rate them. The best ones each month will make it on to the front page of Digital Photography Tricks and be displayed in this newsletter as well.

The photo of the month for June is ‘Beautiful Irina’ by Jed


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