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Digital Photography Tricks - What's New?
May 06, 2009

This month’s magazine was unfortunately delayed until next month because we were having some issues with the emailing system. The good news is that the system is fixed and working again.

To make up for this, I have decided to send you some complimentary videos instead. But first, I want to tell you about a new topic added to Digital Photography Tricks about Digital Infrared Photography. Be sure to check it out. Let me know what you think!

Digital Infrared Photography - The World Of Invisible Light
See the world in a whole new light with digital infrared photography. Most DSLR cameras only require an IR filter to be screwed onto the lens to achieve these amazing results.

Getting back to the videos. They are produced by my friend Amy and I am going to send you one each day over the next 5 days.

If you are a beginner or intermediate photographer, you will find them really useful. She's a professional photographer and has put together some incredibly helpful techniques for you.

The first one is included today and is about shutter speeds. Amy really does know her photography and is good at explaining how things work. She's taught so many people around the world and she absolutely loves passing on her knowledge and experience!

There's more...

This batch of videos coincides with the release of a new photography ezine that Amy is producing, but I'll have to tell you more later because I don't know all the details yet.

I have seen a portion of what's to come and I'm beside myself with excitement! I feel like a little kid!

Amy has gone to a lot of effort to produce all this high quality photography information and explains it really clearly.

Oh...nearly forgot! When you open the link you can choose to watch the video in either adobe flash format or windows (whichever suits your system best). Amy and her team have covered everything here.

Here's the video –>

(If the link won’t activate, just copy and paste it into your browser.)

>Note:> The next video (tomorrow) will be all about Aperture. Don't miss it, it's even more informative than this.

...all the best,

Mark McKnight

PS. I know Amy is planning something special to give you in relation to the Photography eZine later but I'm not privy to all of it yet. Keep your eyes open for tomorrow's email from me.


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