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Digital Photography Tricks - ISO Video
May 08, 2009

Amy has done another video on ISO for beginners to intermediate photographers. It's actually brilliant if you have no light to work with and can't use the flash.

Haven't we all been in that situation? :) (Especially weddings and parties….)

Update on the ezine: Amy tells me the ezine and main video is ready for distribution but would like to put something special together for her friends and partner's (that's me) subscribers (that's you) and her own subscribers. It's very exclusive.

I've been hounding her to do a special deal for you and after an hour on the phone, I think I might be onto something for you.

We think it should be able to be distributed for less than $40 to $50 per month to subscribers and cost more to the general public. Amy's accountant AND financial advisor don't agree. So there's a little fine tuning going on back stage. Wait and see but if I know Amy, she'll create some magic some how or other. She always does!

You want to hear some great news? I think I just have convinced her to give you a copy of her landscape eBook “Powerful Landscape Photography”, with every subscription of the ezine. It’s worth $30US so already it’s a great deal.

I’ve read her landscape ebook and it is incredibly helpful, insightful and just so good reading for people wanting to improve their photography.

In a nutshell I’m trying to get you a special deal. Here’s what I’m trying to get you:

- Amy to give you her landscape ebook PLUS last months copy of the ezine…as a gift to you, with every subscription. It means with every subscription you get $30 and $15 of value for nothing… yep, as a gift.

I’m asking her to give away $45 of her business value as a gift. I don’t know if she’ll do it yet. I’ll keep working on her for you!

The price: Amy's accountant and financial advisor have agreed the temporary drop of the price for the photography ezine and Videos but we don't think it's reduced enough. I know for a fact that her subscribers have been incredibly pleased with its expert content.

She sent me a copy of the ezine and it blew my mind! It's overwhelmingly informative. It's the best stuff she's ever done, no wonder she's had amazing success with it already.

Here's not even half of what it contains (really);

Feature Articles...
Shooting Tasteful Nude Photographs
Some Advanced Landscape Photograph Techniques
Understanding Lighting and Exposure

Photo Competition...
The winner of the competition with the theme this month
of "Journey"

Photo Editing Tips...
Cropping Images for Enhancement

Professional Techniques "How To"...
Gradient Filter Basics
Light Metering and Light Values
Moonlight Photography Basics
Using Blur Techniques Effectively
Cropping Images for Enhancement
Monitor and Printer Calibration
Single Light Portraits
Snowscapes and Your Camera Meter
Understanding the AF Features on a Digital Camera
Underwater Photography Basics
there's even more, much more...

Anyway, you'll get a chance to see the rest later when more of the work has been fine tuned.

Here's the 3rd video I mentioned on ISO -

All the best,

Mark McKnight

PS. Tomorrows video is about Black and White Photography Tips - This is very special so don't miss it.

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