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DPT Magazine - High Dynamic Range Photography - HDR
September 17, 2011

I have just discovered HDR photography and I'm loving it. It allows you to produce a photo that is closer to what your eye can see than normal photography.

I'd read about it before and have friends who use it all the time to create amazing landscapes and indoor architectural shots, but I was put off because I thought you needed expensive software and good post-processing skills.

I was wrong! You can use more expensive software such as Photomatix and Adobe Photoshop to produce HDR photos, but you don't need to.

I discovered some free software to do everything that you need to do to produce HDR photographs from bracketed shots or single shots. The only thing you need to remember when taking your initial shots is to shoot in RAW.

I am going to be producing a special report on HDR photography for complete beginners wanting to get stated in the near future, but in the meantime, I want to help you understand just what HDR photography is all about.

I've written an article about it here:

I hope you enjoy it.

Also, I have just finished writing a special report called, "How To Easily Take Great Photographs Of Your Baby In Just One Day". Look out for more information about it in my next newsletter.

Mark McKnight

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