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New eBook From DPS - Captivating Color
March 23, 2011

The highly regarded and reputable photography website, Digital Photography School has just released a new eBook called:

Captivating Color - A Guide to Dramatic Color Photography.

It's the 2nd dPS eBook by Mitchell Kanashkevich - author of the best selling Travel Photography eBook.

It's hot of the press and as the name suggests - it's all about helping readers 'see' and 'understand' how to use 'color' in their photography.

It's a beautifully presented eBook with lots of stunning images and some great advice and for the next two weeks you can get a copy for $14.99 as opposed to the usual price of $19.99.

During the launch you can also get a bonus eBook called – Seeing The Light. This bonus book is all about controlling lighting using flash, reflectors and natural light.

Mitchell Kanashkevich wants to illuminate the topic of color for anyone who is interested in using it to produce stronger, more interesting and more emotional color images.

As we are taught to with composition and light, we need to take control as much as possible over the color that ends up within the frame and we have to be conscious of whether it serves the overall purpose of the image or not.

What's The Contents Of The eBook?

The eBook is made up of four chapters. The first two should be considered required background knowledge, the aim being to help you understand how color can be used and how it works within the photographic frame.

The following or last two chapters are all about the practical side of dealing with color. You’ll look at some of the most effective ways to control color during the shoot and in post-processing, all with the aim of making stronger, more engaging photographs.

The texts in this eBook are accompanied by images that illustrate how ideas and theories he covers work in real life. There are also a few practical exercises which he has included towards the end of some sections in order to encourage you to apply what you’ve learned to your own photography.

To find out more, visit:

Or - if you have any questions, I have my own copy of the eBooks and you can ask me about anything you need to know more about.

Mark McKnight

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