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DPT Magazine - Get To Grips With Posing - Part 1
March 17, 2011

Spring is in the air and it's a great time to go outdoors with your camera. Landscape photography is good at this time of the year as you can catch the warm light of the golden hour in the mornings and evenings without having to get up too early or stay out too late at night.

If this area of photography interests you, then you should take five minutes to have a look through these useful tips I've put together about shooting landscape shots. You'll find professional landscape photography tips, techniques and skills to transform your landscape photos into stunning, well composed, scenic masterpieces. Also tons of help, hints, advice and ideas.


As much as I enjoy landscape photography, my favorite area of photography at the moment is posing and portraits. It's something that I have really started to get into this year.

I have put together my own home studio with a couple of lighting units and a white muslin background. It's great fun getting the wife and kids to pose for me while I hone my indoor studio photography techniques.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on some new pages related to posing. As I have been researching and practising my posing techniques together with some useful eBooks that I have bought and been given, I wanted to share with you my tips and techniques for best practice for posing in various situations.

The first is family portrait poses. Planning perfect family portraits is just as hard as taking the actual pictures. The lighting and backdrop are very important, but the right composition is important too. Read more here:

Next is basic portrait poses. These shots speak volumes about the personality of a person. It is the job of the portrait photograper to capture and convey that personality within the portrait by posing the subject correctly. Read more here:

Finally we have baby poses. One of the most challenging areas of studio photography. You have to be patient and shoot plenty of pictures to capture a golden moment. Make sure to have entertaining props on hand. Read more here:

As I progress through the various techniques involved with posing I will keep you informed through this newsletter of my progress and pass on to you some of the things I've learned including useful tips and advice.

Mark McKnight

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