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Digital Photography Tricks - Black And White Photography Video
May 09, 2009

This video is about Black and White Photography Tips. It teaches you exactly how to increase your fine detail, depth and sharply define your composition.

About the photography ezine price; it has finally been set and wait until you see what Amy has done. I’m trying to get you a very special deal for Amy to give you over $45 of information as a gift. I don’t know if she’ll do it because she already sells her Landscape book every copy of the ezine already… and they do really well.

I think I have secured this package for you for a short time. It should be available on Digital Photography Secrets by the time this email goes out.

She’s now officially agreed to giving you the chance to have her landscape ebook AND last months issue for nothing, with every subscription.

I don’t know how long she’ll have this deal going. But to have her ebook and last months issue of the ezine as a gift with every purchase, I’d say go for it! I recommend taking her up on it right now. Otherwise she starts loosing money on her landscape and digital techniques book and pulls the plug.

Amy has got a massively expanding fan base, but for me she's doing a special favour. But to be honest she won't do it for long.

Having this extra ebook, plus a complimentary copy of her Ezine will drastically improve your photography. So to get them for absolutely nothing should be around the $45 mark.

Landscape ebook; $30
Last months issue of the ezine: $15

Total value: $45
Your price: $15.

How does this work? Okay, here’s the run down:

Purchase a monthly subscription for just $15 per month and get an extra $45 of gifts……she’s going to do this just for me only. (Don’t forget you get an hour of video every issue.)

I’ve worked really hard for you on this one so take advantage of it!

If you subscribe now at $15 it means you will never, ever have to pay for “Powerful Landscape Photography”! AND you get a complimentary copy of last month’s ezine.

That's a fantastic deal!

That means because you are my subscriber, you get it for a special deal but only for this short time.

There's more...You will be able to get the bonus ebook, plus last months issue of her Ezine through this link to her site. Click Here!

But don’t wait, because she told me she won’t be offering these bonuses for very long, after all she does charge for them.

Here's the link to the complimentary video which I nearly forgot. (...duh!)

http://www. InfoVideos/ 357159FlashVIDBandW.htm

All The Best,

Mark McKnight
Digital Photography Tricks


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