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Digital Photography Tricks - Aperture Video?
May 07, 2009

Did you enjoy the video on Shutter speed. I hope so! Let’s move on to the next video that I mentioned yesterday. It’s all about Aperture.

Also, I have got some exciting news about the photography ezine that Amy is putting together.

In addition to all its information and monthly updates, Amy is also going to include EXTRA instructional videos (over an hour long in total) with each monthly ezine just so you can SEE how to do things.

This means that every monthly photography ezine, is accompanied by 3 or 4 photography instructional and explanatory videos. This is a “first ever in the world”. It certainly is in the photography arena.

Amy is busy squabbling with her accountant and financial advisor over the price to charge for the ezine. They think it should be around $40 to $50 but I think that's too much.

I’m trying to get her to do a special deal for Digital Photography Tricks readers and include her “Powerful Landscape” ebook to be thrown in with each purchase.

I’m working on her so be patient with me on this one! I don’t know if she’ll do it because she sells her ebook for $30US already and it’s doing quite well.

I’ll still keep pushing for you!

Anyway, more on that later. Check this 2nd complimentary video out -

Another video coming tomorrow... Don’t miss it, Mark McKnight


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